London (22 August, 2005) – For years, arguments have been batted back and forth about whether GM crops should be grown in the UK. National “debates” have been held, tempers have become frayed and Government ministers have pronounced.

The latest news on that front is a hinted suggestion that samples of insect-resistant GM maize (MON 810) might be made available to those in Britain wanting to plant it. It seems that there is no requirement for farmers to inform the Government or their neighbours because the GM seed was approved in 1998 under old GM legislation, under which there is no legal requirement to carry out environmental risk assessment. The Government is said to have admitted that it would not be able to prevent cultivation of the strain.

Will anybody actually use it? We will have to wait and see but interest has certainly been expressed and some farmers might indeed do so.


GM crops can now be grown in the UK without farmers, the public or the British Government being informed. Food Business Review Online (9 August 2005) (


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