London (19.03.17) – Are the accusations of glyphosate, the widely-used herbicide, being a carcinogen now at an end? Will the chemical’s detractors give up and accept that the original suggestion that it might be quite safe as increasing evidence has shown.

CropGen has gone some way to follow the trail of argument on this website (ref. 1 picks up the thread, followed by 2-4); there have excellent summaries of the “debate” along the way (5, 6).

But perhaps soon we will be able to stop because the latest (and, we hope, the last) step in this saga is that the European Chemicals Agency has said that, on the basis of the available scientific evidence, there are indeed no grounds for classifying glyphosate as a carcinogen, a mutagen or a toxin in reproduction. The conclusion was reached by consensus with no minority opinions offered. The full opinion is expected to be published by about the summer of 2017 (7).

Maybe we can move on to something else.


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  Glyphosate: end of story?