London (08.05.07) – Use heroin? Worry about GM? No more: deliverance from your concerns is at hand.

Posting their declaration on Facebook (where else?) it seems that the Sheriff’s Office in Martin County, Florida in the United States seeks to reassure users: “Does your heroin come from poppy plants that are genetically modified? Don’t take that risk! Bring it to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office and we will test it for you FREE”.

There you have it: useful information. Heroin is anyway dangerous enough. But GM-heroin??? Beyond belief.

The address seems to be 800 SE Monterey Rd, Stuart, FL 34994, USA. Anyone too far from Martin County to take the sample by bicycle should beware: it may well be illegal to send it by post.


Martin deputies offer free GMO testing for heroin. Facebook (06.05.17) (


  That’s a relief