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Your questions to CropGen will be answered by the following experts:
Agricultural biotechnology and related EU policies Mr. Mark Cantley (Brussels)
Bioethics Professor Derek Burke (Cambridge)
Biotechnology law Professor Julian Kinderlerer (Sheffield)
Consumer affairs and GM issues Mrs. Helen Millar (Glasgow)
Ecological and environmental impacts of GM crops Professor Guy Poppy (Southampton)
Economics of GM agriculure Mr. Graham Brookes (Canterbury)
Evaluating UK public opinion Dr. Scott Campbell (Nottingham)
Farming Mr. Guy Smith (Essex)
Farming and agricultural chemicals Mr. Jonathon Harrington (Wales)
GM crop research and development in the Far East Dr. Margarita Escaler (Philippines)
GM foods and crops Professor Howard Slater (Taunton)
GM foods and human health Professor Sir Colin Berry (London)
GM and the UK food industry
GM in Egypt
Mr. Clive Beddall (Bognor)
Dr. Ismail Abdel Hamid (Giza)
GM in Germany Professor Hans-Dieter Jany (Karlsruhe)
GM in Poland Professor Tomasz Twardowski (Poznan)
GM in South Africa Professor Jocelyn Webster (Pretoria)
GM in Switzerland Professor Klaus Ammann (Bern)
GM in the United States Dr. Peggy Lemaux (Berkeley)
GM, the public and the media Professor Vivian Moses (London)
Plant ecology and weed control Dr. Peter Lutman (Rothamsted)
Plant genetics and agriculture Dr. Bill Macfarlane Smith (Dundee)
Plant genetics and agriculture Dr. Nigel Halford (Rothamsted)
Plant genetics, plant breeding, biotechnology and biodiversity Professor Phil Dale (Cambridge and Norwich)
Plant genetics Professor David Cove (Leeds)
Plant genetics Professor Conrad Lichtenstein (London)
Regulation and coexistence Mr. Daniel Pearsall (Peterborough)