Neither GM maize nor GM soya present allergy problems (12.9.05)
As once in Brazil, so now in France (12.9.05)

More news from the Continent (21.9.05)

The price of old (21.9.05)
No GMO-free zones in the European Union (13.10.05)
The many benefits of GM agriculture (13.10.05)

No resistant insect pests from GM crops (13.10.05)
What isn’t “isn’t” must be “is” (13.10.05)
Yet another scare story rears its head (31.10.05)
More in Parliament (19.10.05)
Marketing genetically modified maize in the UK (19.10.05)
UK farmers review Spanish GM maize cultivation (28.10.05)

“Terminator” (14.11.05)
Approved strains of GM maize (14.11.05)
GM Crops in Parliament (8.11.05)
The sensible voters of Sonoma County (14.11.05)
GM-fed animals acceptable in Sweden (28.11.05)
GM crops in Parliament again (21.11.05)
Holed up in the Alps (28.11.05)
Getting ready for “coexistence” (22.12.05)
Biotechnology progress in German agriculture (27.12.05)
Further thoughts on the recent Swiss referendum (27.12.05)
Europe moves forwards (16.1.06)

Change of mind in Zambia (16.1.06)
Global GM acreage up – again (16.1.06)
ACNFP slams Russian experiments (16.1.06)
Careful, now (19.1.06)|
Natural or not natural? (19.1.06)
World Trade organisation ruling against Europe on GM foods (13.2.06)
Discussion of GE seeds, plants is misleading (13.2.06)
Frankensense and Frankennonsense (13.2.06)
Own goal coming up? (12.3.06)
Genetically modified crops and foods at Westminster (12.3.06)
“I’m thirsty”, says the plant (12.3.06)
GM potatoes with modified starch content (12.3.06)
GURTs (18.4.06)



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